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Black Sheep Promotions
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Paul Robins co-founded the tribute industry recognised, Market Square Heroes in 2017. A regular at tribute concerts and festivals with our ‘raw as they happen’ interviews and ‘live across social media’ chats, we quickly partnered with Wrexham’s Rock The Park and Classic Rock Tours, Legends Of Rock in Great Yarmouth and went on to be nominated twice for awards at The National Tribute Awards.

With an industry, more than supportive of our contribution to promoting live music, we expanded to bring those bands to venues in Oxfordshire.


Under the name Paul Robins Promotions, we partnered with The Northcourt, Abingdon and Delaney's Club, Wantage, and now ‘exclusively’ showcase some of the biggest names in the tribute industry including Hi-on Maiden, Ed Sheeran Experience, Dan Budd as Robbie Williams, Metallica Reloaded, The Bohemians, The Floyd Effect and Vicky Jackson as P!NK, all of whom are seen as top of their game, often endorsed or approved by the original artists. Such is the connection between these tributes, that many of the original artists have come to know Paul and his team too and offered guidance, assistance where possible. Some have even offered to bring their side projects to Paul in the future. All parties are excited about these future projects when time allows.

With our policy of, ‘we never book a band we have never seen live’, the future for Paul Robins Promotions looks very bright and we cant wait to have audiences dancing, singing and rocking the venues across Oxfordshire.




Images credit: Alienation Photography

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