Ultimate Coldplay take themselves very seriously, but also know how to enjoy every moment onstage, bringing all the tricks, hits and trademark singalongs to the infamous venue, just outside of Wolverhampton.

They opened the gig powerfully with the title track from ‘Head Full of Dreams’, to a crowd that were unable to resist the bands obvious enthusiasm. Frontman, David Jenkins had the audience right in the palm of his hand, very early on, drawing them into a predictable singalong with the second song ‘Yellow’. 

The set bounced on with numbers like ‘Magic’, and ‘Everglow’ before a fantastic version of ‘Clocks’ on a floral-decorate piano.

It would simply be impossible to play all of the Coldplay hits in a single night, even if they wanted to, but Ultimate Coldplay were having a good go, performing ‘Paradise’, ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘In My Place’ in a 2 hour set, before finishing with superb versions of  ‘A Sky Full Of Stars and ‘Up And Up’. 
With only 2 years on the tribute scene, Ultimate Coldplay make testament that some tributes become popular and successful for a reason, that reason simply being that they are good at what they do. This was an energetic set that raised the bar for this 2019's Wrexham, Rock The Park. It was not only polished, but fun filled throughout. Ultimate Coldplay are well on ‘The Road To Rock The Park’ and the 16000 people are unlikely to be disappointed.   

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