Hysteria took the Saturday late evening spot at Rock The Park 2018. A tribute to the rock band Def Leppard, who brought the world such lyrics as ‘White lights, strange city, mad music all around Midnight street magic, crazy people, crazy sound’ back in 1987. This 5-piece band from north of the border, take their name from Leppards hugely successful album.

It was loud and totally addictive. A timely reminder that life is short and why classic metal bands are still high on peoples playlists. An absolutely fantastic gig with 

Taking to the stage by storm, they played a set of crowd pleasers and tributed some great theatrical rock, which had the audience singing along, while showcasing some true guitar heroics. A near perfect performance to the Sheffield band and for such a new outfit, they should be proud of themselves. Working through tracks such as the mega-hit ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Rock Of Ages’ the Scottish lads made a huge mark on the Welsh landscape. 

nostalgia and good times throughout. Hysteria performed a well-deserved spot on the line-up and ‘Rocket’ they certainly did!
Keep your eyes open for these guys. I am sure we will see more of them in the future.

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