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​A Cold, wet Camden Town, North West London. ‘To all the madness that awaits you, feel the thunder and the frenzy.’ The circus in this case is The Monarch, the home of the Metalworks band for the last 18 years. Won’t you come on in? For the small fee of £5, I was able to see West Midlands band, Electric Circus open the night’s music, performing the songs of WASP including the songs that Blackie Lawless no longer performs, but more of that later.

Electric Circus UK - WASP tribute band

Taking to any London stage for the first time and knowing the venue is airing a live stream over the internet, has to add pressure to any band, but I had travelled to see the show and after a quick chat with the boys I positioned myself nicely for the best views. So I bid you welcome to London, and let’s see what you can do!  

This wasn’t an ordinary band coming onto the stage and singing a few old songs. They had set up the stage with theatrics and a great deal of thought. The microphone stand adorned with a red eyed skull, sitting centrestage, gave Johnny ‘Lawless’ the perfect chance to entertain and draw the crowd in. Now Blackie Lawless is 6ft 4”, but Johnny isn’t that tall and I was a little concerned this prop would hide him from sight, but like a master of the ring he worked the microphone and the audience. This was a showman who was

comfortably rehearsing his role in the bands future. Supported by ‘Eddie’ Edwards, Danny Morganand Kevin Roessel, they bought to London an era of WASP not seen in many years. The costumes and theatrics were lapped up by the audience. Despite this set being just 30 minutes long, let’s push it to 40 and see how we go, they managed to bring in audience participation with ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ bringing individuals on stage and had the entire audience singing ‘Blind In Texas’, however I still remember Blackie singing ‘Blind In London’ so that was my line. I guess I was the only one who did.

The original shock-rock WASP gave us an exploding codpiece, raw meat, blood and strong language, but things have changed over the years with Blackie returning to his Christian faith. Electric Circus brought in chainsaws and a skull full of blood, which Johnny poured over his mouth at the end of the set, before returning for the infamous Animal (F**k like A Beast). It was do or die and the boys gave the fully unedited version of the song and its introduction. The crowd were adult enough to hear it and join in!

As the band finished and made a quick clear away of their instruments and set, I sat down to wonder what made this stand out from many of the other gigs this year? My honest opinion was effort and high energy!

Electric Circus UK - WASP tribute band

Electric Circus came to London to leave their mark and leave it they did, with not a single wig between them. Would I make the journey to see them again? I would prefer to see them on a larger stage and headline their own show, but with a busy 2018 ahead of them supporting Kiss Tribute, Dressed To Kill all over the UK, shows with a full setlist seem few.

Take the chance to grab what you can, when you can.….and scream until you like it!!!

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