"Live music does matter, so thank you for promoting the music that matters!"

Sam Foulkes, Cyclone Events Management

"Great guys supporting live music and help keeping us all rockin'"

Kerry Carlton-Senior, Queens Of Rock

"'It's refreshing to have MSH publicise the bands they work with. Highly recommended."

   Colin Higgins,  Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute

"Market Square Heroes. Doing what Sounds and NME used to do!"

Rob Reid, Sack Sabbath

"Would be disappointed if there was no Market Square Heroes"

Carl Wootton, Whitesnake UK

"Market Sqaure Heroes, we really like what you are doing. Promoting bands, live music and venues is really cool!"

Jez, Nirvana Uk

"MSH do a fabulous job of keeping the UK music scene alive with their support. We're 100% behind MSH"

Brian Cummins, The Carpet Crawlers

"The support and enthusiasm of MSH, is invaluable to bands like ours!"


"Great review of our Iron Road, Evesham gig. Thank you MSH"

   Colin Higgins,  Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute

"The way you are supporting live music venues and events is brilliant - keep it up!"


"Thanks for all you do in promoting live music"

Chase Williams, Chasing Mumford

"A huge thank you to Paul Robins and his team at Market Square Heroes for helping to promote the gig!"

Beltane Fire

Paul Robins Promotions enjoys great relationships with our industry partners and wish to enlarge that base. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of how we can work together.

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