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Much has changed since we first caught up Live/Wire back in June. Podge Black Smith has settled into the band after what was his second gig. Daz Wood has decided to leave Live/Wire after 14 years and drums are currently being handled by the much talented Ash Baker, the previous ‘Angus’ for those with a long serving memory, returning to help out old friends.

Live Wire

Dave ’Bon Scott’ Vai opened the usual proceedings with the track ‘Live Wire’ from the album High Voltage. Dave always has the difficult job of getting the audience warmed up, but as many of them were still queuing at the bar, including myself, for their first pint when he started ‘Shot Down In Flames’, he was in for a harder than normal task. Since taking over the Bon era position, Dave has gone from strength to strength and now seems like he’s been doing this all of his life. He knows when to talk to

 and when to just sing and his onstage fooling with Simon ‘Angus’ Davies shows the amount of fun he is having with the band. 'Down Payment Blues’ had been replaced in favour of ‘Overdose’ and the regular ‘TNT’ was also left behind, but there was still a place in the setlist for ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. I remember looking over at Ash as beat his way through the song. He acknowledged me from behind the drums and I had to admire the talent he possesses. He has a natural ability to step into any role and take to it as if it was his own. I still can’t help but think, is there anything he can’t do and what happens if 2 members of this band can’t perform one night? Knowing Ash, I am sure he will have a plan.
Podge. What can be said about this man who, in 5 short months, has found his place amongst this established machine and fits in like a glove? His performance as Brian Johnson is second to none. I will give a quick shout out to Pete Eccles here as I still believe this was a difficult job to fill.

From ‘Rock Or Bust’, ‘Shoot To Thrill’ and all the way to ‘Hard As Rock’. Podge knows his craft. Picking up on something said in the audience, Podge is performing an era with a band that are as close to the real thing as you are possibly ever going to get now.
‘Have A Drink On Me’ was omitted for this evening, although I did 

Live Wire

wonder if Podge realised that before he mentioned drinks at the bar. I’m sure he will put me straight later. There has always been something special about the mighty

Live Wire singer Podge

‘Thunderstruck’. The way it lifts even the most unfamiliar members of the audience with its opening lyrics and participation. I sometimes wonder if it should be earlier in the set because of the reaction, but Simon has the opening down to a fine art, wherever it sits.
‘Highway to Hell’ opens the encore as we return to the Bon Scott era. ‘Let There Be Rock’ and closing with ‘For Those About To Rock’ and the familiar 4 cannons on stage who’s firing stays with me for a few days after the gig.
Live/Wire’s continued commitment to fans is outstanding. Every time I see them play, they treat it like you are seeing them for the first time.
Live/Wire continue to command and conquer. Take cover!!!!!!!!!