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Paul Robins Promotions: This is the story so far......


We know tribute bands. In fact, we have a great relationship with many in the industry.

At Paul Robins Promotions, we believe there is a simpler way to do our marketing and promotion. A more chilled and less intrusive way, where our customers are earned from our approach rather than bought with promises. We are obsessively passionate about what we do, and will travel large distances to provide our services. We promote the bands, the venues AND the event itself as soon as it’s confirmed. Bringing news, reviews, backstage interviews, venue and event promotions. Often live from the scene.

Paul Robins Promotions was established in 2018 as a major new force in bespoke media and management. The company prides itself on working with a large selection of tribute bands and original artists, regardless of being the top tribute act in the world or global superstars on major labels. Working with some established names and emerging talent, Paul Robins Promotions covers a diverse selection of artists across all musical genres.

Paul, has been promoting music across social networks and websites since 2017, as part of the successful original ‘Market Square Heroes’, which made a major stamp on the tribute scene very quickly. During that time, he steered a team which delivered highly-regarded publicity campaigns for festivals such as Rock The Park and worked with artists such as Stillmarillion, The Bohemians, Hi-on Maiden, Kingdom Of Madness, Just Floyd, Live/Wire: The AC/DC show and many more.


In 2018, Paul reshaped ‘Market Square Heroes’ with the launch of Paul Robins Promotions. The company now works with those same artists, venues and also Classic Rock Tours, who are  responsible for the successful Legends Of Rock. ‘The Road To Rock The Park’ and ‘The March To Yarmageddon’ have become new staples on the tribute scene, instantly recognisable across many platforms.

2018 also saw the reshaping of the popular ‘Pull Up A Chair’ series, launching the heading of 'Into The Music'. The new website  launched in 2019 and continues to evolve with the introduction of original music and new ideas.   

Joining Paul at Paul Robins Promotions is Steve Moy, who brings his own unique way of delivering ideas. Together the ‘Market Square Heroes’ brand, under Paul Robins Promotions, sets the scene for many years to come.

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