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Copyright and Trade Mark Notice


The textual, photographic, video, audio, and combined audiovisual performances and products resulting from Paul Robins Promotions Ltd, including the material contained in this website, are protected under UK law as copyrighted works. Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells our textual, photographic, video or audiovisual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission, violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.


Likewise, Paul Robins Promotions Ltd trade marks and service marks, including its registered MARKET SQUARE HEROES (UK00003341102), ROCK FESTEVIL (UK00003543835), INTO THE MUSIC (UK00003578335), WE ROCK CHRISTMAS (UK00003658053) and PARTY IN THE SHIRE (UK00003601112), but also the ROAD TO ROCK THE PARK™, PULL UP A CHAIR™ and HEROES IN THE CROWD™ marks, are protected by UK trade mark laws. Any person who uses our marks for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission on goods or services in such a way that it dilutes the distinctive quality of our marks or that creates the likelihood of confusion with our marks, is liable for trade mark infringement.


Liability for copyright or trade mark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and legal fees.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us via the CONTACT US page.

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